Happier now. {Saturday, December 27, 2014 , 12:45:00 AM}

I can’t help but to remember everything. I mean, you see somebody and something and you think about are all they’ve ever said and done. The good and the bad. It all comes back to you, and it feels so right and hurts so bad all at once. It's sad how when someone leaves you, apart from missing them, and apart from the fact that the whole little world you've created together, collapses, everything you see or do reminds you of them. Even a song that they used to dedicate for you seems to be a torment to listen. And so you skip them or maybe, just shut the radio down. That makes forgetting so much harder. So much harder.

9 months has past. Still in healing process but rest assure I'm in better place now.
Feel so much better, ease and mostly, happier right now.

{Monday, March 5, 2012 , 2:25:00 AM}

Dear Prettyboy, 
I may not be in front of you. You may not always see me everyday.
 I may even be far away from you.

I am always behind to push you when you feel you're losing hopes in life.
I am always at the bottom to catch you when you fall.
I am always by your side to walk with you through all the obstacles may come.

You have my hands to hold when you feel lost.
You have my shoulder when you need to cry on.
You have my ears for you to rant it out.
You have me when you need a support.


{ , 2:12:00 AM}

Most of my posts are all about my tough battles I'm going through. Nonetheless, that does mean my relationship has always be all about fighting. Yes we do fight most of the time but it's because we are fighting for our love.

One of the reason, I ranted my sad emo nemo posts here because this is the only place I have for me to let it out freely. I have no one to share with 24/7 about my feelings, my past, my insecurity, my weird thoughts, my dreams, my sudden random thinking etc.

Anyway, I've left this site abandon long ago so I bet no one remember this place. 

Anyway, we have tons and tons of happiness. Tons of it! And i thank Allah for this I make it more of the reasons for me to stay and hold him tightly to me. He is the best I ever had and I ever wanted. I thank him for all the sacrifices he has made for me. All he might has risks for me. All he has gone through for me or at least, us. If there ever times you think all those sacrifices you made are not be appreciated, you are wrong. I have always appreciate every little things by you even till your presence spending time with me.. I cherish it. Every seconds counts. It does matter.

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Turns oneyear older on 19sept
I'm talkative and happy-go-lucky
Appears strong but never will be.
Muslim and i proud of it.
Searching for sumthg that last long.
Currently happy with what i have.

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